Visual Protection Design

Room divider Living room Dining area Sight protection Balcony Bamboo Stick Privacy screens. AD Design Award: 55 ideas for room dividers for every living situation and taste. Of course, the popular open-top design of today brings many advantages.

A disadvantage, however, is that you have to provide for the desired privacy through additional funds. These not only have to be fablich and formally matched to the decor, but also set in style appropriate scene. If you are looking for a solution for better indoor privacy for your own home, take a look at our creative ideas for room dividers!

In order to optimally enjoy being together with friends and family, appropriate room dividing elements contribute. These divide the apartment with loft character into areas and sometimes represent an attractive highlight. In addition to conventional screens also vertical walls are characterized by strong visual impact. However, these contribute to a balanced indoor climate and humidity. However, the following ideas for room dividers with living plants need regular care, irrigation and appropriate lighting.

Fast growing plants ensure you the desired privacy. Opaque vertical garden needs a regular pruning.